About Verax Point

The Verax Point name and logo represent the reliability of simplicity. I once worked on the 31st floor of the Rainier Tower building in downtown Seattle. It was an unusual building designed to ride out an earthquake by swaying on a very narrow base at street level. That design, however, also resulted in sway during high winds. Tenants could sense something was amiss; one heard creaks and felt a vague unease but you could not declare definitively that the floor beneath your feet was in motion because everything around you looked normal.

I was curious so I installed the simplest tool in a carpenter’s arsenal, a mere brass weight on a string called a plummet (or plumb bob), and suspended it over a tripod at my window. It normally hung perfectly immobile directly above its mark, but when a windstorm blew in from the south it immediately swayed from its home position indicating that the building was no longer at rest. The elegant simplicity of the plummet resonated with me and it remains a permanent fixture in my office.

Today, a silhouette of that plummet is in the center of our logo and the Latin adjective Verax (conveying the truth) testifies to the value of simple, reliable tools. A leader’s instincts often warn that a business case hasn’t conveyed a full picture. The proposal seems reasonable and yet a nagging doubt persists.

Following the example of the plummet, Verax Point brings an array of simple yet insightful tools to bear that enhance innovation, eliminate wasted resources, and generate higher returns.

Best Regards,